Practus Digital Governance Center carries out e-governance consulting and provides training to international public administration officials in Estonia.

Digital governance development and reform on any level or field of governance can be a long process. Many of the hurdles that lengthen this process of innovation can be avoided with consultations with public sector practitioners who have already tackled similar difficulties and overcome them.


Our consulting services are targeted to provide strategic, process development and IT consulting regarding development of e-governance. We work with public and private organisations that aim to integrate elements of digital governance, policy content, services or specific e-solutions from Estonia. Our focus is on providing practical guidance on how to carry out necessary changes and make desired the impact in your country.

We help customers who are interested in integrating Estonian digital solutions and services to specific fields in their countries. Digitization has delivered powerful and efficient tools for serving public interests and creating new services in Estonia. Although no process of reform or development can be replicated in any country, lessons learned from creating this ecosystem in Estonia can also benefit other countries. Practus Digital Governance Center provides practical guidance on aligning state strategy and reforms, and facilitates redesign and integration of specific e-solutions and services through consulting.

Training programs and consulting for international public administration employees
Training programs for international public administration employees


Practus Digital Governance Center conducts training programs to introduce Estonia’s experience in digital governance and to help implement different digital governance solutions around the world. Every training program is tailored to the target group, provided by an expert in the field and targeted to facilitate desired change in public services.

Training sessions can be held in Estonia or a suitable experts can be dispatched anywhere in the world.

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