Last year Estonia faced one of its largest digital security threats. This incident gave us a unique view on how Estonia became the global digital leader and how it continues to keep the position for the days to come.

During the years we have had numerous discussions on how exactly Estonia became the digital leader that it is today. As is common with many other disruptive startups — the corner stone of the digital leader is not technology. In fact, a lot of the technology Estonia is using is from the 2000s, and the country is continually proving to spend significantly fewer resources on building up its public digital infrastructure than other countries (except perhaps the countries that have bought their government technologies from Estonia).

Estonia, in a way, is a classic story of small vs big, startups vs corporations. Estonia’s population is 1.3 million people and the small country has extremely limited resources. For example, two years into its famous e-Residency program, the entire team working on the e-Residency initiative today is just 16 people.

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