Several private sector companies have brought Artificial Intelligence systems to join the management board of the company. The time is right to replace a parliament member with AI.

Deep Learning, an approach to Artificial Intelligence (AI) has a long history dating back to the 1940s. It has grown to become more popular now than ever thanks to the amount of data available.

Data is the underlying reason why machine learning works. That’s why we see the big five data holders (Amazon, Google, Facebook, Microsoft and IBM) developing it most prominently. It is no surprise that Google is leading this pack with its mission to index the world’s information, essentially organizing it to be fed it into their Deep Learning models.

AI technology can be the solution to bring back meaningful debates and argumentation

With the ever-growing amount of data, companies are starting to understand that human capacity has its limit regarding analyzing all of the data points for making the right decisions. This is why companies like Deep Knowledge and Tieto have brought AI to join their management boards. Addition to the perfect capacity to handle data, they keep emotions out of their business decisions — a treat that could be useful in politics.

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